EPFO services include PF balance,  UAN Registration, generation, status, activation. PF Transfer and withdrawal etc, click the button below download pf passbook.

EPFO Services

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EPF balance & Pf passbook

PF Claim Status

UAN Activation & Status

EPF Payment

PF Withdrawal

PF Transfer

Before you going to know about the services we want to educate you about epf and UAN.

What is EPF?

EPF stands for employee provident fund scheme by the Government, to secure employees life at retirement and emergency cases, The Employee Provident Fund Organization offers three kinds of schemes such as

EPF (Employees Provident Fund) scheme
EPS (Employee Pension Scheme)
EDLIS (Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Schemes)

How does it work?

PF Contribution

well, Every month employee contributes some portion of his salary, his employer and by epfo.

  1. employee contribution to pf  12% of his salary up to 15000
  2. employer contribution 8.3% 3.6% of employee salary.
  3. epfo interest accumulated monthly 8.5% according to the latest financial year

while EPS scheme employer contributes 8.3%, and for EDLIS 0.5 %.

Withdrawal Rules & Taxes

  1. Two months of unemployment
  2. at retirement
  3. after attaining the age of 58 Years

Premature Withdrawal

  1. for Buying House/land Construction House.
  2. Marriage self /spouse Family
  3. Higher education of children
  4. Critical Illness


EPF Intrest Rates Yearwsie

2005 – 2010 8.50%
2010 – 2011 9.50%
2011 – 2012 8.25%
2012 – 2013 8.50%
2013 – 2015 8.75%
2015 – 2016 8.80%
2016 – 2017 8.65%
2017 – 2018 8.55%

2018-19  8.65%

What is UAN?

every time employee changes he gets new pf number, while his old pf account left with balance the only he can do withdraw the bank account, which attracts taxes at 18%, the employee need approval from the company as well as regional pf officer. most of the employer not responding to employee claims. there is more 27448 crores or 27.448 billion unclaimed amount left with epfo according to 2014 FY report.

PM Narendra Modi launched mid-2014 UAN number its services.

  1. UAN is an umbrella for all pf accounts. pf account must link with UAN number.
  2. UAN is 12 digits unique number allocated to every employee while changing companies pf number changes but not uan.
  3. with the help of uan employee transfer all epf accounts to one to get more accumulated interest by epfo.
  4. it helps to automatic transfer to new pf account and old account closes by automatically.
  5. Reduced employer involvement in pf claims

employer Services

  1. Make payment to epfo by generating ecr challan,
  2. Managing employees claim,
  3. approving Employee KYC,
  4. Adding New employees to epfo scheme.
  5. generating UAN number for the epf account.

epf member services include the following are

  1. Checking pf balance by downloading epf passbook (uan login>>dashboard>>view>>member passbook).{members now directly download uan passbook to know epf balance by UAN number and password}. Epfindia.com>>servvicess>>members>>diwnload passbook.
  2. Updating KYC also we can check pending and approved KYC status.
  3. PF Transfer (you can make a request to transfer & view status within the member portal)
  4. Pf withdrawal without employer signature.
  5. Check epfo claim status,
  6. Update Personal details (Mobile Number, email, date of birth, father/husband name but not NAME because the employer has to do this).
  7. Epfo helpdesk

NOTE: for uan / Epfo member Portal services, uan registration is necessary.

If you already have UAN Number & Password, then proceed to login.

Employers Duties

  1. Establishment registration for the epf code.
  2. ECR portal 2.0 Challan Upload and make payment.
  3. Create Multiple UAn Numbers for employees & activate them.
  4. Upload EKYC Documents,
  5. Download the Employees UAn Numbers list from epfo service portal
  6. Confirm Previous employment of the employee
  7. Upload digital signature certificates.

epf portal 1.0 registration

Note: There are separate portals are available for both employees and employers.

EPFO Scheme developments up to 2018

Bonus or loyalty income up to 50,000 employees who are contributing for 20 years or more.

in the case of employee died their gets 25,000 INR.

Insurance benefit: a minimum of 2.5 lakh to 6 lakhs for deceased dependants. there is no minimum provision according to epfo.

Epfo interest rate: 8.5% added to 400 Million subscribers for FY-2016-17.

Stock market investment 10% last year 18% gained 2000 crores return but trustees said it will discontinue.

EPF claim settlement by the mobile app called UMANG launched.

Sperate Portals for employees as UAN Member portal and for employers uan employers. bother are unified on the same uan services portal.

TDS On early Withdrawals (before 5 years ) is 10%. if pan card not submitted then it will be 20%. there is no TDS below withdrawals of 50,000.

UAN members can also Transfer pf amount one account to another account easy. while employees have other things to follow on a daily basis.