EPF Balance Enquiry download passbook with uan & mobile 3+ ways to know

Welcome to the epfo Help portal here you can find details about epf balance checking at the epfo portal, UAN Members portal, SMS, missed a call and mobile app, etc.

How to Check EPF Member Balance

3+ ways to know

  1. without uan number {epfo portal depricated}.
  2. by SMS services,
  3. by missed call service.
  4. Monthly SMS alerts to mobile.
  5. by uan number, uan passbook,

1. checking in epfo/ uan portal in 2mins.

The 2 minutes Approach to is written below. if you are facing more than 2 minutes please do comment below.

Go to end of this article for quick download.

  1. Visit epfindia.com and click on employee services.
  2. Click on member Passbook to know the pf statement. (epf india>>our servicess>>employees>>member passbook.)
  3. The link on epfo portal takes you to the latest passbook available page. there you have to provide details.
  4. Enter your UAN Number & password to view download the epf statement.
  5. click on view passbook details.
  6. you will get the details on the screen in a pdf document which also called UAN /epf passbook.

Things are changed you can directly download epf passbook without entering PF Number. But you need to have UAN number and Password. as we said below are methods know pf balance quickly. if not aware of UAN status & UAN Registration just go to this page. Detailed information about downloading epf passbook available along with some required information at UAN Passbook download.

2. Check Epf balance On Mobile App:

Only UAN Members can use the epfo App. it available from google play store and epfo website too.But some users reported it not working or very slow please read the latest reviews and updated history before downloading the epfo android app. THe UMANG App now trending for all e-governance service by the Indian government. just download the Umang app to keep track details monthly.

The Most preferred way of checking the EPfO balance on mobile

  1. Download & install the Umang app from Google Play store,
  2. complete the registration with Umang app, Aadhaar Number is required for Umang app registration.
  3. you can link Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts then log in with those too.
  4. Once you Completed integration with Umang app. Then select epfo service in the app.
  5. Click on employee-centric services and click on epf passbook, after that your UAN number. wait for few seconds to view your pf passbook.

The flowchart Umang app>> epfo>> employees centric services>> Epf passbook>> enter UAN Number to see epfo balance.

3.   PF Balance Enquiry on by  SMS

Only Send SMS from your registered mobile with epfo, if you want to add another mobile number please visit

our UAN Helpdesk page.

You will not get PF details By SMS if Your aadhar, PAN card Not approved by the company HR.

EPFOHO UAN <ENG> 7738299899

4. EPF balance by Missed Call:

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has launched the Missed Call facility on Landline Number 011-22901406. Now Employees with Universal Account Number (UAN) activated with Just a Missed call on Number 01122901406 anytime and anywhere.

Ministry of State for Labour & Employment in September 2015 launches three  new mobile-based services for EPF Members:
1. EPFO Mobile App
2. SMS based UAN Activation
3. Check PF Balance with Missed Call

Check by Missed Call on Number 011-22901406.

To know pf details by SMS to your registered mobile.


Enter the PF Number, and Name As same the given epfo details. furnish the mobile no to get the details by SMS.

ways to Check EPF Balance with UAN Number

Login to Uan Portal, with UAN Number and Password. if you not already activated UAN number then activate it quickly within 3 steps online.

On the UAN Member portal, services click download UAN passbook. this can list the all of your contributions along with Interest added monthly with the total epf balance remaining in your pf Account.

UAN Passbook download

Download uan passbook form uan member portal by login with UAN Number and Password. this is the only way and popular way to know pf balance and detailed transactions in epf statement.

How to download without UAN & Mobile Number?

UAN Number requires to login to Universal Unified Portal. But without UAN we cannot download the pf Passbook. EPf Members could retrieve the Universal Account Number with pf, Aadhaar, Pan Card details along with Member details.

There are other ways to Know Pf balance By UAN Number

  1. Checking Pf balance on UAN M Epf Mobile app.
  2. By Giving a MIssed call to Toll-free Number 01122901406.
  3. Checking Pf balance by SMS includes sending SMS to EPF Number presently may not be supported.

Downloading with UAN number & password

Here are 2 ways to download UAN Member passbook from epf India Portal and UAN Member Portal.

Download PF passbook @ UAN Member Portal

  1. Visit Unified Epfo Member login Portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in.
  2. Enter your UAN & Password to login epf portal.
  3. After successful login & view the Menu bar and view>> passbook.
  4. Select the Dates from to TO view the EPF Statment Like Bank statement.

NOTE: UAN / PF statement available at epfindia.gov.in follow the approach.

Downloading  @ EPF India.gov.in

  1. Just follow this path www.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook
  2. That Pages lands you on  https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in. That exactly looks like below image.
  3. passbook available at www.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook

Enter You UAN Password and view with UAN Number and Print it for future reference etc.  There are also other ways to Know the epf balance

Errors while you downloading

invalid uan or password  changed to


Check EPF balance on Mobile

Downloading pf statement on epf Mobile app is very good Option. But there are some issues with Android with compatible devices and Some errors with the web server. epfo developers need to focus on the EPF Mobile app to aware people about the epf balance on mobile.

  1. Visit Google play store search for Umang App.
  2. Click on install and it prompts login with your Google account.
  3. After that the play store will show linked android devices to install the app.
  4. Once you installed the app. Umang will ask to login or register.
  5. click on register, Enter your mobile number & verify set MPIN.
  6. Choose 2 security questions & enter your aadhar number otp authorized automatically.
  7. Click on login, you can log in with aadhaar number or social media like FB, google & twitter.

After Umang Registration

Select epfo services>> Employee centric services>>

view passbook>> Enter UAN Number. 12 Digits. >> Tap on login.

After that, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

What epf passbook contains?

  1. UAN Number
  2. Member Details (Name, DOB, Aadhaar, bank account details, PAN Number).
  3. Last contributed date ex: last month credited balance by employer & from your salary.
  4. Total epf balance amount.
  5. Finally, pf Account Status either it active or inoperative by leaving the job. (Note you can withdrawal pf after 2 months of unemployment)

Once click on view

It contains detailed transactions just like your bank statement.

  1. EPFO admin charges
  2. EPFO insurance scheme details
  3. EPF Pension details
  4. Interest added by epfo at the rate of @8.7 Current FY.
  5. employer contribution 4%
  6. Employees contributions 8%  from his salary onwards.

The curious thing is Interest earned on your Total epf balance.

Ex: if your total epf balance is 100,000

Interest per year 8.7%  8,7000

EPF calculator sample

Monthly pf contribution: ` 15,000 Limit
The rate of Interest: 8.75 %
Tenure: 24 months
epf balance with accumulated interest: ` 3,94,723.

NOTE: Without UAN Number / Epfoportal registration you cannot download it.

follow below tutorials to download epf passbook, pf transfer, uan password reset, pf claim status, pf balance inquiry, etc.

Know UAN & Activate Register & download passbook

Here, I am going to explain some brief details to getting uan number downloading passbook within few minutes.

if you are confused then follow the process in 3 steps (we written in 3 detailed posts)

  1. To Know UAN: UAN Portal>> Know uAN>> Enter PF / PAN / Aadhaar. or click on Aadhaar based UAN allot,
  2. UAN Registration: for activating UAN Enter your UAN & mobile number click on activate like that. set password,
  3. download the passbook: The simple & whole process written in this article.

How to download EPf statement at epfo Portal? [depricated]

Login to epfo member service then look at upper menu check epf Passbook. select the start and end date then Click on view /download your pf account statement. if not registered with epf portal early then register with any documents id like pan, aadhaar, voter id passport etc.

enter the document number and personal and contact details to complete the epfo registration. then login to the epf portal, on the downloads section choose epf passbook or PF Statement.

pf account statement downloads in a PDF format. if you are checking epf India balance in mobile then your maybe, unable to view the pdf file so we have to download pdf reader for android or windows if not installed early.

Why epf passbook Not available at UAN member Portal?

we are all seeing the message like “Epf passbook availablewww.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook”.

Due to the high volume of request to the uan member portal which aimed for updating KYC, PF transfer and withdrawal requests. epfo decided to launch a new server downloading pf passbook to know epfo balance details up to date. But Earlier pf statement available on uan portal.

How to check EPS (pension)balance after transfer?

Unforutanely, you cannot see the eps balance with the previous employer. But EPS amount automatically transfers to new employer PF Account. We don’t need to worry about epS balance right now. source epfindia.com

EPS amounts 8.3% contributed by the employer. while changing job EPS amount stay with epfo, either employee can withdrawal or take epfo pension certificate.

if employee not reached 10 years of service with his company or 58 years, then he should collect eps scheme certificate to avoid loss of hard-earned money.


Nowadays, checking with PF Number not works. SO knowing your UAn number and activating it, After that registering a password on UAn Portal will help to download your epf passbook.

So without UAN Number activation, You cannot use Missed call services, SMS, and EPFO App to know the pf amount details.

Call epfo customer care if you have any queries other than this at 1800118005.

download pf passbook here

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