UAN Activation & Registration status at epfo portal (3+Steps process)

Get UAN Number For member services: with uan activation Employees can log in TO the Member Portal, This  Number Provided by epfo or HR also available on the salary Slip. if You Didn’t Find it, Contact your HR Department to know Number, Otherwise, you cannot Access pf services like epf passbook, transfer, update KYC claim, etc.

INTRO:  registration requires 3 steps

  1. Knowing your UAN number.
  2. Activating It by verifying your contact details & mobile Number.
  3. last but not least, Setting password by clicking on forgot password on un portal.

3 ways to check UAN Status  [Pf Number /pan /UID]

I know what you are looking for, epf generation & activation, Right!. But generating and Knowing is the same process. For checking UAn status either it active or not requires some details below just follow the guide that made for you.

ways to know uan number

  1. Online By PF /pan/uid
  2. calling epfo customer care with the registered mobile number
  3. sending SMS by registered mobile
  4. from epf’s Umang app

NOTE: Knowing UAN is not only necessary but also it’s status either it active or not.

How To Check The  Status through Online:

The requirements

  1. PF Number also is known as member id. (In case of No pf Number you could USe)
  2. Aadhar or
  3. PAn card number.

Name, Phone Number, date of birth details required.

The fastest way for UAN Activation

  1. visit member portal and click on “Know your UAN “.
  2. That will take you to this form

1.  UAN Activation By epf Number

Most people use PF Number to know the uan number but there are other 2 easy ways know /generate UAn number online.

  1. Select state and city, after that company establish number, extension code and finally 7 digit pf number.
  2. after pf number, you have to enter member profile details.

2. Generate online by aadhaar number.

aadhar number seeded to pf account. you can enter aadhar number and deselect member id /pf number.

3. By Pan Number

select pan card option and enter the pan card number and name, email, mobile dob.

Part  2 of UAN Activation

All the above 3 ways only one required for pf / aadhar / pan card.

Note: aadhar and pan card must be linked to PF account to generate Universal account number by those details. if not ask your employer /HR)

After entering, the details click Get authorize PIn.

you will receive OTP, just enter the PIN to verify mobile and get  Number, its status sent your mobile number.

Finally, you will get the message like this ” Your UAN and it’s status sent to your registered mobile number”;

NOTE: Universal account number is necessary for checking epf balance.

UAN Activation By PF Number:

  • If Any Problem we can Contact our epfo Help Desk the Toll-Free Number is 1800118005 the Executives are Available for the 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on Monday to Friday.
  • Vist member portal, Then click on know your UAN.
  • Now Enter the Your Provident Fund Details to submit.
  • Some Important Particulars to Fill The PF Number. Your Pf Number (Member ID) Can Be Mentioned the Salary Slip.

PF Number format

STATE/Region/ Office/ Establishment Code/ Ext/ PF Number.


  • Select the State If Your Office Where is Located.
  • Pick the Pf Office Region. For Example Delhi As the 3 Region, Uttar Pradesh as the 9 PF Region,

Establishment code: company registration code with epfo

Extensions: 000 if any branches of the company.

PF Number: last 5-7 digits of your company pf number.

Now check your Status.

Note: You will receive UAN Number to your Mobile Number along with its status like Active or inactive.

BONUS TIP: Generate UAN by aadhaar

  1. visit pf member portal and click aadhaar based uan allotment.
  2. enter your aadhar number verify aadhar EKYC with OTP. your residential address and name fetched from aadhar.
  3. then click on generate UAn Number. (it will be displayed on The screen next go for Activation/registration.

another way: download Umang app then select epfo.  to know the number. repeat the same process on the epfo mobile app.

NOTe: checking uan number status by SMS also available (as we already know, we get epf balance details by SMS, and we can activate uan through SMS)

There are also many useful resources on pf transfer and pf withdrawal TDS of pf etc.  alternatives to epf scheme like NPS, LIC mutual funds on SIP and Lumpsum please do check out all. if you some time to spare with this.

if your mobile number is seeded with aadhaar. then click on aadhaar based allotment on epfo portal not here.

UAN Activation required Details

  1. EPF Account Number / PAN / Aadhaar (any one of these)
  2. Your Name
  3. Date Of Birth
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Email Address

UAN Activation at unified Portal:

The employee cannot Login to the Official Portal, Before Register and activation, To Activate the UAN  Follow the below Steps.

  • Employees have to Visit the unified member portal, Official Portal (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface), for successful login/registration, They have to Choose the ACtivate,  to process further.
  • Then fill The registration form and Now Enter The 4 Required Details.

Important Note: Aadhar and Pancard Work when these are seeded to the pf account.

  1. Universal Account Number / UAN/
  2. EPF Member ID
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. PAN Card

Then Select any one of The Above option, Then

  1. Enter Name,
  2. Date Of Birth,
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email Address.

how to get Member id for uan activation? (simply enter the epf number)

Note: You can activate it either way with uan number or pf number on the unified portal.

epfo activation by UAN Number

  1. if you already know the UAN, Then follow epfo Portal>>then click on activate UAn >>and enter the universal account number.
  2. Add Name & date of birth along with Phone Number.
  3. Click on get authorize Pin to get OTP.
  4. click on Authorize and Activate.

if Portal says “UAn is already activated just click on forgot the password “

Part 2: SET / RESET Password

  1. On the pf portal click on forgot the password,
  2. Enter your UAN, after that your mobile will appear to get OTP authorized and create the new password to log in.
  3. Password changed successfully, click here to Login

Mobile Number impact

  • The employer also Activate at pf registration time.
  • The employee has to Fill The Details like Date Of Birth, Member Name, Password and Confirm Password.
  • Then You Can Receive the PIN Number To Your Register Moblie Number.
  • Lastly, Verify the PIN So The Process will process further.

UAN Activation Benefits:

Employees Now able to Login to The UAN Member Portal, there are No Of The Benefits For The Employee. The UAN and EPFO Portals are Given Many Benefits. those are mentioned below.

  1. Employees can Easily Download the EPF Passbook Through Online by Providing UAN Number.
  2. epf members can Download the Passbook and View many times in a month No Limits.
  3. Also, Check The PF Claim Status and Withdrawals.
  4. Then Check The PF Balance Using SMS and Missed call Service.
  5. Employee Can Update the KYC Information Through The EPFO Portal.
  6. If You Not Get the details, Then Track the Status of the UAN Number.

Bonus Point: Now employees free from updating Date of birth, Mobile and email (contact details).

But some updates need approval by your HR and epfo officer.

UAN Activation By SMS

if you already know the UAN number & Mobile Number linked to pf account along with Adhar and PAN, Then Only it by SMS.

for activating UAN registration by SMS member need to send the UAN No and PF Number (Member ID)

in below format to 7738299899.

what is required for registration?

  1. PF member details (Name (same as on pf account .mobile and date of birth)
  2. Aadhar card
  3. PAn card
  4. PF Number

EPFOHO ACT UAN No space PF Number.

how to activate uan number by the employer?

The employer can generate the number, but activation/registering is employee entity to protect his account by password.

NOTE: presently not epfo helpdesk portal is not operational, but you can still contact them on facebook, twitter.

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